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Mathematical fun without numbers, letters, formulae or equations. (English)
N. Z. Math. Mag. 39, No. 1, 85-93 (2002).
In the following pages I should like to show how you can play about with mathematical ideas without being encumbered with the usual symbolic verbiage, off putting to most who are not mathematically trained. I shall use the idea of ’adding’, but only as referred to colours, not as referred to numbers of ’variables’. You will be introduced to a considerable number of patterns, each pattern evolving from previously constructed ones. Nowhere will I give away how I stole these patterns from the mathematician’s secret closet. You will be challenged with more and more complex situations as you plough your way through the pages. In order to make these challenges enjoyable, I suggest that you use the physical materials suggested, constructing the strips and the villages, so you see the patterns arise before your eyes. (Introduction)
Classification: A20
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