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Don’t just do the math ‒ type it! (English)
Math. Teach. (Reston) 109, No. 6, 468-470 (2016).
Summary: Most word processors, including Google Docs$^{\text{TM}}$ and Microsoft$^\circledR$ Word, include an equation editor. These are great tools for the occasional homework problem or project assignment. Getting the mathematics to display correctly means making decisions about exactly which elements of an expression go where. The feedback is immediate: Students can see whether the screen matches their idea of how their work should look. The students of the author, from algebra to calculus, struggle with the order of operations. They often know what they want to do but run into trouble trying to execute their plan correctly. By requiring that some solutions be typed, the author is able to reemphasize the process of setting up the math properly. In this article, he presents the benefits to using an equation editor and compares Google Docs$^{\text{TM}}$ and Microsoft$^\circledR$ Word. (ERIC)
Classification: U70 H20
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