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An AP calculus classroom amusement park. (English)
Math. Teach. (Reston) 109, No. 7, 514-519 (2016).
Summary: Throughout the school year, AP Calculus teachers strive to teach course content comprehensively and swiftly in an effort to finish all required material before the AP Calculus exam. As early May approaches and the AP Calculus test looms, students and teachers nervously complete lessons, assignments, and assessments to ensure student preparation. Then, all of a sudden, exam day arrives, signifying the end of content coverage in many AP Calculus classes. Teachers often search for activities to fill classroom time for the remainder of the school year. This article presents an end-of-the-year AP Calculus project where students create an amusement park ride and explore the applications to calculus concepts. (ERIC)
Classification: M50 U60
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