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Kitchen gardens: contexts for developing proportional reasoning. (English)
Aust. Prim. Math. Classr. 18, No. 2, 21-26 (2013).
Summary: It is great to see how the sharing of ideas sparks new ideas. In 2011 {\it A. Lyon} and {\it L. A. Bragg} wrote an “Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom” (APMC) article on the mathematics of kitchen gardens [ibid. 16, No. 1, 25‒32 (2011; ME 2011e.00771)]. In this article the authors show how the kitchen garden may be used as a starting point for proportional reasoning. The authors highlight different types of proportion problems and how the authentic context of a kitchen garden may be used to spark interest in reasoning. (ERIC)
Classification: F82 M92
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