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Using graphing to reveal the hidden transformations in palindrome (and other types of) licence plates. (English)
Aust. Math. Teach. 72, No. 2, 33-38 (2016).
Summary: This article provides a range of activities designed to engage students in using an early form of graphing. While the “Australian Curriculum: Mathematics” highlights understanding, fluency, problem-solving, and reasoning, the National Research Council describes five strands of mathematical proficiency, with the additional one being productive disposition. The activities within this article present a way to encourage students to see themselves as creators and interpreters of mathematical concepts, thus developing a strong productive disposition toward mathematics while still addressing required content. The content covered by these activities fits well with 4th and 5th grade, and with some extensions, up to 8th grade. Table 1 shows some of the content standards addressed by the activities presented in this article. In particular, the Year 4 level proficiency strands of understanding and fluency can be emphasised through the symmetrical shapes that are discovered within licence plates, as well as creating shapes and transformations in the collected and recorded data. (ERIC)
Classification: D80 D30
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