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Designing a clinical interview to assess algebraic reasoning skills. (English)
Pope, Sue (ed.), Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM). Proceedings of the British congress of mathematics education, BCME-8, University of Nottingham, UK, April 14‒17, 2014. London: British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM). 327-334 (2014).
Summary: The Irish Primary Mathematics Curriculum consists of five content strands, namely Number, Algebra, Data, Measure and Shape and Space. Children engage with material from all strands throughout their primary education. Thus the Irish education system fulfils the widespread recommendations in research of commencing algebra early. However, national and international studies of student attainment suggest that many children in Irish schools may not be developing robust skills in algebraic reasoning. In my research I plan to investigate to what extent children in Irish primary schools are developing skills in algebraic reasoning. In order to do so, an assessment instrument must be developed which will facilitate an exploration of children’s thinking as their skills develop. The clinical interview is an instrument which allows access to children’s emergent thinking and in this paper I discuss the design of a clinical interview with specific relevance to children’s skills in algebraic reasoning.
Classification: D62 H22
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