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Thinking is not straightforward. (English)
Eronen, Lasse (ed.) et al., Mathematics and education. Learning, technology, assessment. Festschrift in honour of Lenni Haapasalo. Münster: WTM-Verlag (ISBN 978-3-95987-005-4/pbk). Festschriften der Mathematikdidaktik 3, 59-66 (2016).
Summary: A traditional approach to Mathematics education is based on recognizing just two outcomes: correct and wrong. The author’s programming past allowed him to apply another perspective. The computer programs are either complete or incomplete ‒ the incomplete ones need further elaboration, called “debugging”. Transferring this principle to Mathematics means stopping speaking about wrong solutions and starting talking about incomplete ones. The teaching and learning then concentrates on their stepwise improvement. In the paper, we exemplify the process on a Master dissertation on e-government. Despite the fact that it is a problem from applied mathematics, it allows to demonstrate the process easily and in a legible way from the problem specification, to its adjustment, data collection, their evaluation and interpretation.
Classification: D50 U70
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