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Proportional reasoning and percent. (English)
Czarnocha, Bronislaw (ed.) et al., The creative enterprise of mathematics teaching research. Elements of methodology and practice ‒ from teachers to teachers. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers (ISBN 978-94-6300-548-7/hbk; 978-94-6300-547-0/pbk; 978-94-6300-549-4/ebook). 317-328 (2016).
From the text: In the first iteration of teaching-research on problem-solving, Baker employed a traditional lecture format but with a strong focus on problem-solving. Thus, problems were posed in a step-by-step fashion with frequent repetition, sequencing similarly structured problems as a means of concept scaffolding. Thus, the lesson format would have been much the same as represented by Dias, and the intent as in both Czarnocha and Dias was to transition students as rapidly as possible from a spontaneous-arithmetical understanding i.e. their intuitive reasoning with whole numbers to a structural-algebraic one.
Classification: D40 D20 F80
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