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Blockings in mathematics through cooperative learning. (Los bloqueos en matemáticas a través del aprendizaje cooperativo.) (Spanish. English summary)
Bol., Soc. “Puig Adam” Profr. Mat., No. 102, 73-90 (2016).
Summary: Cooperative learning is a methodology centered in the students, in their capability of learning and of teaching. It is not only aimed to increase the academic marks; in fact, it is focused on improving the social and communication skills of the students. This work is about the response of some students whose learning is based in this methodology. In particular, the results of these students in comparison to the answers of the non-cooperative learning students have been analyzed. Some mental blocks that the students may have while they are solving a math problem: cognoscitive, perceptive, emotional and cultural blocks have been taken into account.
Classification: C34 C44
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