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Marc Barbut’s pedagogy: how to teach probability theory to students in the humanities and the social sciences? (Marc Barbut pédagogue: comment enseigner les probabilités aux étudiants en SHS?) (French. English summary)
J. Électron. Hist. Probab. Stat. 9, Article 7, 14 p. (2013).
Summary: We are interested in Marc Barbut’s proposal to teach probability calculus, starting not from the probability measure but from the concept of expectation as a linear mapping. We recall the immediate context of this thesis, that of teaching mathematics in sociology and psychology (at the undergraduate level), and the broader context which was the reform of “modern mathematics” launched by the Lichnerowicz commission. Then we trace the various forms taken by this proposal in three papers from the 1960s and another one from 2000.
Classification: A30 K50 K60
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