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Tools for assessing readability of statistics teaching materials. (English)
J. Comput. Math. Sci. Teach. 35, No. 2, 153-171 (2016).
Summary: This article provides tools and rationale for instructors in math and science to make their assessment and curriculum materials (more) readable for their students. The tools discussed (MSWord, LexTutor, Coh-Metrix TEA) are readily available linguistic analysis applications that present readily interpretable results, but are grounded in current linguistic analysis theory. This manuscript illustrates (using the discipline of statistics and an instructor’s class-tested experience for concrete context) how the results of the applications can be used to improve readability and comprehension of difficult instructional text, a change which is particularly important for teaching highly conceptual topics and educating students not fully prepared for academic instruction. With minimal time commitment, instructors using these tools can create materials that are noticeably more accessible to students, thus yielding a good return on investment.
Classification: U20 C50 K10
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