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Polygon and plane figures terminology activity. (English)
Ill. Math. Teach. 57, No. 2, 20-23 (2006).
From the text: In the middles grades increased attention should be given to mathematical terms and definitions. The following classroom activities may be used to provide opportunity to study and learn terms about polygons and plane figures. The first puzzle is a find-a-word puzzle. It can be used for recognition of terms. It is a good idea to require your students to first find a definition of the terms before circling them in the puzzle. If their own textbook does not have a good glossary, your school library or the internet may be used. Having first completed the find-a-word puzzle, the students should then complete the crossword puzzle. This task should be done after the find-a-word since many of the terms are repeated in this puzzle. We hope that your students will find both of these puzzles enjoyable and challenging.
Classification: G43 E43 U63
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