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Innovative and powerful pedagogical practices in mathematics education. (English)
Makar, Katie (ed.) et al., Research in mathematics education in Australasia 2012‒2015. Singapore: Springer (ISBN 978-981-10-1417-8/pbk; 978-981-10-1419-2/ebook). 213-234 (2016).
Summary: The use of powerful and innovative pedagogical practices by teachers potentially provides opportunities for all students to learn mathematics successfully. In this chapter we offer a review of a range of Australasian studies about how teachers proficiently organise mathematical classrooms. The review shows that there are three key themes in the research literature. These include innovative and powerful learning environments, innovative practices which promote mathematics teaching and learning as inquiry, and mathematical tasks that promote deep learning. In this chapter we illustrate through the different and diverse studies we draw on that there has been shift in focus from an agenda of deficiency in mathematics to one of proficiency within student centred inquiry with problems set in authentic contexts to increase student engagement, motivation and ownership of the learning.
Classification: D20 D40 C70 C60
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