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Reflections on the MERGA research review 2008‒2011: taking stock. (English)
Makar, Katie (ed.) et al., Research in mathematics education in Australasia 2012‒2015. Singapore: Springer (ISBN 978-981-10-1417-8/pbk; 978-981-10-1419-2/ebook). 13-27 (2016).
Summary: This chapter reflects on mathematics education research in Australasia as it was represented in the review immediately preceding the current volume [{\it B. Perry} (ed.) et al., Research in mathematics education in Australasia 2008‒2011. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers (2012; ME 2013f.00065)]. It is written by the editors of the earlier review at the invitation of the editors of the current review. In recognition of government policy reforms in Australasian countries, the chapter is structured around five of these major reforms: early childhood reform; national curricula; national and international assessment; teacher accreditation; and closing the gap. The chapter looks back at the previous review and forward to prospective mathematics education research through the lenses of these reforms. It considers the implications of the reforms on mathematics education and endeavours to stimulate mathematics education researchers to work on the major challenges created by the reforms. In looking forward to the new review of mathematics education research, the chapter highlights some of the areas of mathematics education research which may prove fruitful to researchers and helpful to individuals, families, communities and societies throughout Australasia.
Classification: D20 A40 B10 D30
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