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Investigating factors that influence students’ help seeking in math homework: a multilevel analysis. (English)
Learn. Individ. Differ. 48, 29-35 (2016).
Summary: The current investigation examined empirical models of help seeking in math homework. Individual- and class-level predictors of help seeking were analyzed in a survey of 796 8th graders from 46 classes. Multilevel results indicated that help seeking was positively associated with mastery orientation and homework interest at the individual and class level. At the individual level, help seeking was positively related to family help availability, homework interest, peer participation, performance orientation, monitoring motivation, value belief, and family help frequency. Our results suggest that mastery orientation exerts a powerful influence on students’ help seeking in math homework. Our results further suggest that teachers can play a vital role in promoting help seeking, by placing greater emphasis on mastery goals, by making homework more interesting, by helping students learn to maintain homework motivation, and by encouraging families to make themselves available in the homework process.
Classification: C43 C23 C33 C63
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