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Domain-specific beliefs of school calculus. (English. German summary)
J. Math.-Didakt. 37, Suppl. 1, S131-S161 (2016).
Summary: The particular focus on the mathematical content is a key feature of subject matter didactics (Stoffdidaktik). Modern approaches explicitly widened the scope to the learner’s perspectives on mathematics exploring their ideas, knowledge and beliefs. In this sense, the following article proposes a framework to subject matter didactics for discussing domain-specific beliefs regarding calculus adequately ‒ based on theoretical and empirical considerations. The paper describes an empirical investigation on beginning students’ associations regarding key terms of school calculus in Germany ‒ embedded in a theoretical framework expanding the traditional understanding of subject matter didactics. The investigation gives room for the thesis that certain domain-specific orientations dominate others. It shows that empirical investigations may play an important role for subject matter didactics.
Classification: C20 I10
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