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Blended learning: its effects on students’ achievement and attitude toward basic statistics. (English)
Far East J. Math. Educ. 15, No. 2, 95-137 (2015).
Summary: This paper sought to find out the effect of online lessons on the achievement and attitude of students in basic statistics. Two groups of 30 dentistry students in each group were the subjects of the study. The following were the findings of the study: the achievement pre-test and achievement post-test of the experimental group are significantly different. This means that the students learned significantly from the online lessons. Accordingly, the control group had significantly learned from the traditional lecture method. Using ANCOVA, there was no significant difference between the achievement pre-tests of students using the online lessons with those taught with lecture method. The control and experimental groups’ post-tests of the students are not significantly different as well. The attitude inventory post and pre-tests of the experimental group were not significantly different. The same is true with the control group. The pre-tests of the experimental and control groups were not significantly different. The same is true with the post-tests of the two groups. To find out the effect of blended learning as a whole, the final grades were compared and there was no significant difference in the mean scores of the experimental and the control groups. Furthermore, the survey on the perception of the students on blended learning was positive.
Classification: U55 D45 C25 K55
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