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Stochastic graphs vs. in-school probability theory teaching process. (English)
Billich, Martin (ed.), Mathematica V. Proceedings of the Polish-Czech-Slovak mathematical conference, Catholic University Ružomberok, Spišská Kapitula, Slovakia, June 3‒5, 2015. Ružomberok: Verbum, Catholic University in Ružomberok Press (ISBN 978-80-561-0296-1/pbk). Scientific Issues, 57-64 (2015).
Summary: In this paper we concern with a stochastic graph as a chart to a random game, his construction as mathematical task and his role in mathematical argumentation. It is the paper on didactics of mathematics. The organization of a phase of mathematization, a phase of calculation and a phase of interpretation in mathematics for everyone are the subject of this article.
Classification: K50 K20
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