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Introduction to statistics. Using interactive MM*Stat elements. (English)
Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-17703-8/hbk; 978-3-319-17704-5/ebook). xx, 516~p. (2015).
Publisher’s description: MM*Stat, together with its enhanced online version with interactive examples, offers a flexible tool that facilitates the teaching of basic statistics. It covers all the topics found in introductory descriptive statistics courses, including simple linear regression and time series analysis, the fundamentals of inferential statistics (probability theory, random sampling and estimation theory), and inferential statistics itself (confidence intervals, testing). MM*Stat is also designed to help students rework class material independently and to promote comprehension with the help of additional examples. Each chapter starts with the necessary theoretical background, which is followed by a variety of examples. The core examples are based on the content of the respective chapter, while the advanced examples, designed to deepen students’ knowledge, also draw on information and material from previous chapters. The enhanced online version helps students grasp the complexity and the practical relevance of statistical analysis through interactive examples and is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students taking their first statistics courses, as well as for undergraduate students in non-mathematical fields, e.g. economics, the social sciences etc. All R codes and data sets may be downloaded via the quantlet download center \url{www.quantlet.de}.
Classification: K45 K75 K85
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