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The development of students’ algebraic proficiency. (English)
Int. Electron. J. Math. Educ. 8, No. 2-3, 62-80 (2013).
Summary: Students’ algebraic proficiency is debated worldwide. To investigate the development of algebraic proficiency in Dutch secondary education, we set up a study, in which 1020 students in grades 8‒12 took four algebra tests over a period of one year. Rasch analysis of the results shows that the students do make progress throughout the assessment, but that this progress is small. A qualitative analysis of test items that invite structure sense reveals that students’ lack of structure sense may explain the results: the majority of the students were not able to deal flexibly with the mathematical structure of expressions and equations. More attention to structure sense in algebra education is recommended.
Classification: H20 H30 D60 D70 C40
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