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Geometry, a means of argumentation. (English)
SaƩnz-Ludlow, Adalira (ed.) et al., Semiotics as a tool for learning mathematics. How to describe the construction, visualisation, and communication of mathematical concepts. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers (ISBN 978-94-6300-336-0/hbk; 978-94-6300-335-3/pbk; 978-94-6300-337-7/ebook). Semiotic Perspectives in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Series 3, 25-42 (2016).
Summary: Arguing and proving are essential elements in mathematics. To learn these skills from a mathematical point of view, elementary geometry is often used as a paradigmatic part of mathematics to demonstrate and to learn how to find an argument or how to construct a proof. This text presents several reasons why elementary geometry can be seen as a fruitful part of mathematics to learn these abilities.
Classification: G40 E50 E40 A30
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