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Balancing classroom management with mathematical learning: using practice-based task design in mathematics teacher education. (English)
Math. Teach. Educ. Dev. 17, No. 2, 182-198 (2015).
Summary: In this paper we present the results from a study in which 21 mathematics trainee teachers engage with two practice-based tasks in which classroom management interferes with mathematical learning. We investigate the trainees’ considerations when they make decisions in classroom situations and how these tasks can trigger their reflections on the teaching and learning of mathematics. In our analysis we used the constructs of “Social” and “Sociomathematical norms” and “Teaching Triad”. Results indicate commendable norms trainees aspire to establish in their classroom, such as peer respect, value of discussion and investigative mathematical learning. However, they often miss the opportunity to engage students with metacognitive discussions and mathematical challenge as they focus on behavioural issues or endorse dichotomous and simplistic views of mathematical learning. We credit these tasks with allowing insight into trainees’ considerations and we propose their further implementation in teacher education programmes.
Classification: C70 C60 D39 D49
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