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The right time to start writing. (English)
Teach. Child. Math. 22, No. 5, 269-271 (2015).
Summary: Communication has long been emphasized in standards-based instruction, yet little distinction has been made between oral and written forms. Nonetheless, both the mathematics and the English language arts Common Core State Standards (CCSS) documents continue to hint at the importance of writing mathematically. The third of the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP 3) implies that students are expected to write because they are to read others’ arguments. The Writing standards also call for elementary school students to write across the curriculum, which includes mathematics. Specifically, the English language arts (ELA) standards list three writing types. Although narrative writing may be more central to other subjects, the remaining two apply to mathematics. In this article the author offers instructional recommendations based on her experience with mathematical writing in curriculum-development work and guiding writing endeavors. (ERIC)
Classification: C50 D40
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