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Collaborative mentoring in a professional development program for mathematics teachers: a case of the “PD program of multi-tiered teacher community". (Korean. English summary)
J. Korean Soc. Math. Educ., Ser. A, Math. Educ. 54, No. 3, 283-298 (2015).
Summary: This research is the case study of collaborative mentoring in the professional development of multi-tiered mathematics teacher community. We observed the procedures of mentoring, and contents of mentoring in a PD program. For this purpose, we implemented a PD program with participant unit composed of 3 or 4 teachers in the same school and total 25 teachers from 4 elementary schools and 4 high schools. Also there were 1 mentor and 1 sub-mentor to support each school. The observed mentoring processes were all recorded and the participants not only were interviewed several times but also wrote reflection notes after the meetings. While mentoring the PD program was implemented, mentor and mentee had joint responsibility about lessons implemented by mentee. Furthermore it showed possibility of change of teacher learning culture, learning culture of community. It means that the teacher would improve their professionalism more effectively within teacher community instead of individual. 4 reflection contents was founded in collaborative mentring: 1) purpose of mathematics education, 2) motivation and connection between previous lecture and present lecture 3) lack of mathematical contents in lesson 4) discourse between teacher and students.
Classification: B50 D49
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