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Introducing mathematics. A graphic guide. (Les mathématiques en images. Translated from the English by Alan Rodney.) (French)
Aperçu. Les Ulis: EDP Sciences (ISBN 978-2-7598-1737-5/pbk). 176~p. (2015).
This is the French translation of the English original from 2011 [London: Icon Books (2011; Zbl 1330.01002)]. The book presents the story of mathematics, in detail, from the ancient world to modern times, describing the great discoveries and discoverers. Among others, it contains essays on number systems and number theory, algebra, geometry, calculus, theory on infinite structures, education, chaos, statistics. The layout is worthwhile to mention. It reflects overall a comic book at purpose, including 19th- and 20th-century style paintings and images, besides light-hearted, but at the same time very serious, history of mathematics and mathematicians throughout the ages and all over the world. A very refreshing presentation of the material. Highly recommended, let alone about the way of presentation! There is a lot to read and learn here.
Reviewer: Robert W. van der Waall (Amsterdam)
Classification: A80 A30
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