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The call of the primes. Surprising patterns, peculiar puzzles, and other marvels of mathematics. (English)
Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books (ISBN 978-1-63388-148-8/pbk). 330~p. (2016).
Magic squares, primes, Pythagorean triples, ubiquitous mathematical entities, intriguing patterns, mathematical puzzles, transcendental numbers, interesting mathematical equations, all are included in this very interesting book. The writer tries to pass his enthusiasm for mathematics to the reader who is turned off by math, yet he obtains to keep also the attention of a mathematician through the simple way that he presents entertaining mathematical diversions. The content of the book can be easily introduced to the classroom by high-school teachers, while these students will enjoy it hopefully. As the author says: “If you can gain a person’s interest in a subject and show him that he really can grow actually to like it, then there is a very high probability that he will become good at the relevant subject and even excel in it", and we should have in mind that he is not a mathematician himself.
Reviewer: Panayiotis Vlamos (Athena)
Classification: A20 A80 F60
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