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A lens to investigate teachers’ uses of technology in secondary mathematics classes. (English)
Amado, Nélia (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the 12th international conference on technology in mathematics teaching, ICTMT 12. Faro: University of Algarve (ISBN 978-989-8472-68-7). 259-267 (2015).
Summary: This paper focuses on how ordinary teachers develop practices in technological environments. It examines also the factors that determine these practices. Broadly based on the frame of the activity theory, several theoretical tools and constructs were combined, adapted and used to identify and analyse relevant elements shedding light onto the complexity of teaching mathematics in such environments. In order to exemplify this theoretical development, a case study is presented about the use of Geogebra by a secondary mathematics teacher. The research lens was both focused onto the tensions within the teacher’s classroom activity, and onto the factors that determine this situated activity. The study provided deep insight into the teacher’s technology-mediated activity and brought forth the contribution of this new theoretical development to a better understanding of the complexity of integration technology into day-to-day mathematics teaching.
Classification: U70 D40
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