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Make friends with algebra. One picture at a time. (English)
Münster: WTM-Verlag (ISBN 978-3-942197-98-4/pbk; 978-3-942197-97-7/ebook). 69~p., with appendix. (2016).
Publisher’s description: This is a picture book about algebra. Naturally, $x^2$ can be interpreted as the area of a square with side $x$. There is no need to memorize formulas when you can sketch them. Algebraic symbols reveal their meaning when explained in words, numbers and pictures. This book will help a reader learn to make sense of algebraic formulas by presenting them using pictures, numbers, and words. This book does not require preparation beyond middle school concepts. Thinking about algebraic ideas using numbers, words, and pictures will be helpful for students who study algebra, for parents who are helping their children to excel at school, for teachers who would like to teach algebra effectively, and for anybody who is interested in mathematics.
Classification: H23
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