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Circles and parabolas in 3-space. (English)
Consortium 109, 1-3 (2015).
From the text: This edition’s Geometer’s Corner had its genesis with a question and a discovery. The question: How do you find the equations for circles and parabolas in 3-space? The discovery: GeoGebra 5, the latest GeoGebra update, now has a 3D component that allows you to define and plot curves and surfaces parametrically using the command Curve $\langle$\,Expression\,$\rangle$, $\langle$\,Expression\,$\rangle$, $\langle$\,Expression\,$\rangle$, $\langle$\,Parameter Variable\,$\rangle$, $\langle$\,Start Value\,$\rangle$, $\langle$\,End Value\,$\rangle$. Curves can also be defined constructively using a variety of tools that appear in the MENU bar. There is an Input Window where one can enter points, vectors, and implicit definitions of surfaces such as planes. Any time a curve is defined either by entry or by construction, relevant information about it appears in the Algebra Window.
Classification: G70 U70
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