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Responding to children’s mathematical thinking in the moment: an emerging framework of teaching moves. (English)
ZDM, Math. Educ. 48, No. 1-2, 185-197 (2016).
Summary: This case study contributes to efforts to characterize teaching that is responsive to children’s mathematical thinking. We conceptualize {\it responsive teaching} as a type of teaching in which teachers’ instructional decisions about what to pursue and how to pursue it are continually adjusted during instruction in response to children’s content-specific thinking, instead of being determined in advance. Building on earlier work, we present an emerging framework of teaching moves using examples from the interactions of a highly skilled teacher who was selected because of her expertise in responsive teaching. We draw from her interactions with children around fraction story problems in both one-on-one interviews and class lessons. The framework identifies {\it categories of teaching moves}, rather than specific comments or questions, because how teachers enact a category depends on the situation. We discuss four major categories of teaching moves: (a)~ensuring the child is making sense of the story problem, (b)~exploring details of the child’s existing strategy, (c)~encouraging the child to consider other strategies, and (d)~connecting the child’s thinking to symbolic notation. Our findings also highlight both the potential usefulness of one-on-one interviews for professional developers and researchers and the need for increased attention to the part of class lessons in which teachers circulate and engage in one-on-one conversations with children.
Classification: D42 D43 C32 C33 C72 C73 F42 F43
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