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Professional noticing practices of novice mathematics teacher educators. (English)
Int. J. Sci. Math. Educ. 14, No. 1, 217-241 (2016).
Summary: The focus on professional noticing in mathematics education has recently gained increased interest as researchers work to understand how and what is noticed and how this translates into practice. Much of this work has focused on the professional noticing practices of inservice teachers and preservice teachers, with less attention focused on those educating teachers. This research explores how novice mathematics teacher educators professionally notice as they engage in teaching experiments and create models of student’s mathematical thinking. Findings indicate the novice teacher educators are including some evaluative comments in their professional noticing practices but lack in-depth interpretive analysis about student thinking and rarely make connections between student’s thinking and the broader principles of teaching and learning. These findings provide evidence for the importance of supporting teacher educators with developing their abilities to professionally notice.
Classification: C79 D49 C39 C49
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