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Narrative, discourse and mathematics education: an historian’s perspective. (English)
Tso, Tai-Yih (ed.), Proceedings of the 36th conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education “Opportunities to learn in mathematics education", PME 36, Taipei, Taiwan, July 18‒22, 2012, Vol. 1. Taipei: National Taiwan Normal University. 5-21 (2012).
Summary: In this talk I am going to tell a story about my own teaching experience in a liberal study course I gave for undergraduate students at National Taiwan University in the spring semester of 2012. For the goal of the course, “Mathematics and Culture", I adopted an approach of reading mathematical fictions in order to help students making sense of school mathematics they had been familiar with in high school years. By means of questionnaires, I collected how they were inspired by novelist’s bring mathematical activities into plots of fiction. I will analyze the feedbacks in terms of narrative and discourse which are regarded by mathematics educators to play significant roles in learning of mathematics.
Classification: C50 D30
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