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Measuring pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy in tutoring children in primary mathematics: an instrument. (English)
Res. Math. Educ. 18, No. 1, 61-79 (2016).
Summary: This article reports on the use of Rasch modelling to develop and validate an instrument measuring self-efficacy in tutoring children in primary mathematics (SETcPM). In response to the literature on teacher efficacy, the 20-item instrument aims to inform teacher educators, and is designed for novice pre-service teachers (nPSTs) preparing to teach mathematics in primary school (grades 1‒7, ages 6‒13). To ensure that the tasks of teaching are imaginable for nPSTs, the instrument targets the core activity of teaching mathematics: helping a generic child with mathematics tasks. We propose that SETcPM is measurable for the intended population and represents a central part of self-efficacy in teaching mathematics (SETM). Understanding the initial SETcPM of novices and mapping its development over the course of their training programme can contribute to a better understanding of SETM, and allow teacher educators to tailor their support.
Classification: C29 C49 D20
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