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Adult learners and mathematics learning support. (English)
Adults Learn. Math. 11, No. 1, 7-20, electronic only (2016).
Summary: The provision of some level of Mathematics Learning Support is now standard in the majority of Higher Education Institutions in Ireland and the UK, and it is also available in many other countries. This provision is, in part, a response to the large numbers of students entering Higher Education who do not have the mathematical skills required and this cohort includes a significant number of adult learners. Research indicates that these students have different motivations and approaches to learning than traditional age learners. This paper considers the analysis of a large-scale student evaluation of Mathematics Learning Support in Ireland. In particular, it presents the responses and engagement levels of adult learners and compares these to those of traditional students. The findings are key to ensuring best practice in the provision of Mathematics Learning Supports for the wide variety of students who avail of it.
Classification: C25 D35 D45
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