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The current educational system and historical development of mathematics curriculum. (English)
Tso, Tai-Yih (ed.), Proceedings of the 36th conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education “Opportunities to learn in mathematics education", PME 36, Taipei, Taiwan, July 18‒22, 2012, Vol. 1. Taipei: National Taiwan Normal University. 165-177 (2012).
Summary: This paper reports on Taiwan current educational system, historical development of mathematics curriculum, and also, research studies on mathematics curriculum in the country. The paper begins with an introduction on Taiwan, its location, population, education in history, and the existing education system with official figures on the number of schools, teachers, and students. The second section is on the historical development on the mathematics curriculum for elementary, middle, and high schools. During each announcement or revision, the documentation included content coverage and major changes in instruction and so each reform also called for teachers’ change. Finally, there is a review on local research studies on mathematics curriculum, its comparison to other countries, textbooks and influences on students’ learning.
Classification: A30 A40 B20
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