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The ecological dimension in the teaching of mathematical modelling at university. (English. French summary, Spanish summary)
Rech. Didact. Math. 33, No. 3, 307-338 (2013).
Summary: Recent research on the teaching and learning of mathematical modelling highlights the existence of strong institutional constraints impinging on the large-scale dissemination of mathematics as a modelling activity-in current educational systems at all school levels. The study of these constraints and the way new teaching proposals can overcome these, what we call the ecology of modelling, appears as a necessary step for mathematics education research. Within the framework of the anthropological theory of the didactic, the hierarchy of levels of didactic codetermination is used to identify and analyse this ecology, not only to deal with the variety of constraints appearing in classroom activities, but mainly to know at what level action is necessary. A teaching proposal in terms of study and research paths in tertiary education shows new possibilities to overcome some of the constraints that hinder the development of mathematics as a modelling activity.
Classification: M10 D30
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