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Higher mathematics 2. (Höhere Mathematik 2.) (German)
Berliner Studienreihe zur Mathematik 23. Lemgo: Heldermann Verlag (ISBN 978-3-88538-123-5/hbk). vii, 294~p. (2014).
The text is a follow-up German textbook to the textbook “Höhere Mathematik 1" [Berliner Studienreihe zur Mathematik 21. Lemgo: Heldermann Verlag (2012; Zbl 1254.00012)] from the same author and publisher, but the content is mostly independent of the first book (i.e., it can be understood with any usual preliminaries in engineering mathematics including sequences, limits, differentiation and series and standard high school maths). This second textbook is based on teaching materials for lectures held by the author for students of various non-mathematical studies (technical and economic studies). Various standard topics are covered in this textbook: complex numbers and polynomials, indefinite and definite integrals with geometric and physical applications, ordinary differential equations solvable by separation of variables and linear ordinary differential equations of 1st and 2nd order, parametric representation of curves, classical vector algebra using coordinates, basic matrix algebra as well as linear programming in 2 and more variables and basic game theory. In most of the content it is a fairly standard textbook, presented in the usual, but very clear, mathematical style (definition-theorem-example problems), including proofs of most theorems. Still, the textbook has several, in similar textbooks not quite common, interesting features: the example problems are numerous and solved in great detail; the accompanying graphics are minimalistic, but very clear and informative; complex polynomials and curves resulting from simultaneous motions are discussed;\dots Consequently, the textbook can be of interest not only to lecturers in German speaking countries teaching higher mathematics to students of technical and economic studies, but also to many others searching for solved problems from the mentioned topics.
Reviewer: Franka Miriam Brueckler (Zagreb)
Classification: F55 I75 I55 I45 I85 H65 M45 N65
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