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Students’ attitudes toward statistics across the disciplines: a mixed-methods approach. (English)
Stat. Educ. Res. J. 11, No. 2, 45-56, electronic only (2012).
Summary: Students’ attitudes toward statistics were investigated using a mixed-methods approach including a discover-oriented qualitative methodology among 684 undergraduate students across business, criminal justice, and psychology majors where at least one course in statistics was required. Students were asked about their attitudes toward statistics and the reasons for their attitudes. Five categories resulted for those with positive and negative attitudes and were separated on the basis of discipline. Approximately 63\% of students indicated a positive attitude toward statistics. Business majors were most positive and were more likely to believe statistics would be used in their future career. Multiple methodological approaches have now provided data on the various domains of attitudes toward statistics and those implications are discussed.
Classification: C25 K45 K75 K85 M45 M75
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