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Changing how we teach and learn with handheld computers. With a foreword by Alan November. (English)
Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press (ISBN 978-0-7619-3995-5/hbk; 978-0-7619-3996-2/pbk). x, 171~p. (2005).
Publisher’s description: In this digital era, how can educators seamlessly incorporate technology into everyday classroom use? What tools will empower students, promote digital equity, and extend thoughtful learning? The economical solution is handheld and other portable technologies. In this resource, educators learn how to build learning experiences that use technology to support thinking, data analysis, and information retrieval and sharing for standards-linked learning both in and beyond the classroom. The book shows how handheld computing can broaden the locales and communities in which students can grow in academic understanding. These tools enable students to collaborate and network while promoting the extension of learning beyond the time and space of a classroom. Carolyn Staudt, a leading expert in technology integration, gives educators practical applications through: { indent=5mm \item{‒} surefire learning activities in all content areas; \item{‒} resources for downloading student-friendly software; \item{‒} beaming and data sharing tips; \item{‒} step-by-step processes for manipulating and displaying data; \item{‒} field knowledge from classrooms already employing handhelds. } Handheld devices are already a part of the students’ world. Now educators can embrace this technology and create a powerful learning environment that leaves no student behind.
Classification: U70
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