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Conceptualization, development and implementation of a web-based system for automatic evaluation of mathematical expressions. (English)
Comput. Educ. (Exeter) 88, 15-28 (2015).
Summary: Assessment and feedback are important parts of the teaching and learning of mathematics; and in general, the process can benefit by the introduction of technology. MathDIP is a web-platform which provides automatic evaluation and feedback of each step of the solution of a math problem. The system incorporates a Computer Algebra System to perform the evaluation and a mathematical expression editor which allows the user to interact with the system using his/her own handwriting. This paper reports on the design, development and evaluation of the system. The usability results of its implementation on an Introductory University Mathematics course show good performance in design and functionality issues. Also, results show that in general, the students participating in the study have a high level of acceptance for the system and perceive that its use motivated and strengthened their learning of the specific math topics covered in the course.
Classification: R20 U70 H20 D60
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