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Mathematical modeling: a structured process. (English)
Math. Teach. (Reston) 108, No. 6, 446-452 (2015).
Summary: The main goal of this article is to elaborate on the process of modeling as described by Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), paying particular attention to the modeling elements. The authors highlight practical aspects of modeling through a concrete example, carefully analyzing to make the process of mathematical modeling more accessible to teachers and students. The example provided shows how a single activity can target multiple concepts and approaches, allowing students to understand those concepts and make connections among then. Students’ work should be evaluated not only on the outcome of their model but also on the thought process demonstrated in more than one iteration of the modeling cycle. To help with this understanding, the authors also provide a useful evaluation rubric with criteria for assessing student work in modeling. (ERIC)
Classification: M10 D50
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