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The geometry of Tetris. (English)
Math. Teach. (Reston) 108, No. 1, 58-62 (2014).
From the text: We have found Tetris to be an engaging tool for high school geometry students to apply an isometry in context and to learn the composition of isometrics. The game allows a player to rotate and translate moving pieces to create full rows anywhere on the screen. We begin this activity by playing one of the many online versions of the game. This not only introduces the game but also generates student interest and game-winning strategies. Playing the game allows students to visualize and manipulate some of the isometries we have been learning in class; even though the students are playing a video game, they are learning content-specific applications of mathematics. After students become familiar with the game, we present a mathematical description of a move, explaining the correct notation and sequence specific to compositions. The class discusses the required keystrokes to rotate or translate a piece; verbalization of the terms “rotate" and “translate" reinforces the students’ use of academic language. Superimposing a coordinate plane on the Tetris board connects the transformations to the coordinate plane.
Classification: G50 U70 A20
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