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Teaching number sense via interactive multimedia in a primary school in Taiwan. (English)
Fan, Lianghuo (ed.) et al., How Chinese teach mathematics. Perspectives from insiders. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-4415-81-1/hbk; 978-981-4415-83-5/ebook). Series on Mathematics Education 6, 243-278 (2015).
Summary: This paper describes how number sense was taught with interactive multimedia in a primary classroom in Taiwan and reports the differences of interviewed students’ use of number sense strategies before and after the instruction. One sixth grade class which contains 32 students (18 boys and 14 girls) was selected to join the teaching experiment in a technology-based environment. The results show that the teaching of number sense can be implemented through the appropriate use of interactive multimedia into the mathematics class and a well-designed learning environment created by the teacher. The results also show that interactive multimedia can both be an effective tool in helping children develop number sense and promote children’s motivation for learning.
Classification: F43 U73
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