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Mathematics lessons from Finland and Sweden. (English)
Math. Teach. (Reston) 108, No. 8, 593-598 (2015).
Summary: In many ways, mathematics classrooms in Finland and Sweden are very similar to what would be considered traditional classrooms in the United States. Classes begin with checking homework and questions, followed by the teacher giving instruction in the new material, and end with students working on their new assignment. There are also interesting differences in mathematics and the education systems in general. Rebecca Seaberg describes her observations of the educational systems ‒ primarily focusing on the area of mathematics ‒ of Finland and Sweden while on a sabbatical from teaching. Seaberg discusses the use of resources and technology, the differences in teachers’ work schedules, and national priorities. She suggests that teachers should be willing to share their help and experience by mentoring both experienced teachers and new teachers in an effort to improve mathematics learning for as many students as possible here in the United States. (ERIC)
Classification: B20 B50 D30 D40 U70
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