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The future of special schools around the world. (English)
Vogeli, Bruce R. (ed.), Special secondary schools for the mathematically talented. An international panorama. Dedicated to the memory of László Rátz. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-4667-46-3/hbk). Series on Mathematics Education 12, 225-232 (2016).
From the text: Special schools for the mathematically talented have been supported by the same arguments and challenged by the same criticisms that programs for the gifted in any area have encountered. On the one hand, supporters of special schools characterize them as necessary for the maintenance of national excellence. [\dots] Critics of special schools have expressed a different point of view. Based upon the belief that special provisions for gifted students may be counter to a nation’s commitment to equality of educational opportunity, critics have challenged special schools as elite institutions that may reduce opportunities and quality of education for other students
Classification: A30 B20 C40 C90
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