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Provisions for Australia’s mathematically talented high school students. (English)
Vogeli, Bruce R. (ed.), Special secondary schools for the mathematically talented. An international panorama. Dedicated to the memory of László Rátz. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-4667-46-3/hbk). Series on Mathematics Education 12, 211-224 (2016).
From the text: In order to exemplify system-wide provisions for mathematically talented high school students in Australia, this chapter focuses on how these systemic arrangements apply to students in the final years of high school in the State of Victoria. The term “systemic provisions" directs attention to those structural arrangements that apply to all schools regardless of their particular location or resources. In the Australian State of Victoria, these provisions take three forms.
Classification: A30 B20 C40 C90
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