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QR codes in the mathematics classroom. (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 235, 27-29 (2013).
Summary: QR codes are not a new phenomenon they have been seen and used in publications for some time ‒ even MT. The frequency of use will depend on the specific interest of the reader, the technological sophistication of the reader, and ready access to a handheld device with an appropriate QR scanner/reader installed. A QR code can be a direct link from the page, leaflet, poster, container, advertisement, etc. to a virtual environment. Some might say that QR codes are the route to the most accessible interactive learning experience for many learners. The mobile ‘phone is an everyday part of life for students today. Student ‘phones are available, familiar, charged, and offer more uses than can be appreciated, or comprehended by most users. So, embrace the technology and turn the ‘phone/handheld device into a powerful classroom tool.
Classification: P20 U70 D50
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