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The demands of the VLE. (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 234, 24-26 (2013).
Summary: The author describes her experiences of developing online maths rooms. Virtual Learning Environments, VLEs, are not a new phenomenon. Learners are far from strangers to virtual environments and they regard the sophistication of the ‘on screen’ experience as normal. So, the task of developing a mathematical virtual environment is a significant challenge. The experiences, successful and not quite as successful, described here illustrate a journey of development. Training, familiarity, and past experience are one thing, but creating something that works ‘on screen’ then asking students to critique the offer might be described as bold or even folly. Developing a VLE will always be ‘work in progress’, but perhaps that is the both the attraction and the challenge.
Classification: U50 U70
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