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A note on the comparison of teachers’ guide books for the first grade between Korea and the United States of America. (Korean. English summary)
East Asian Math. J. 30, No. 4, 385-404 (2014).
Summary: There are some researches for comparing textbook and curriculum so far. But these researches focused on comparing special regions of textbook or curriculum. On the contrary, there are hardly papers how teachers’ guide differ to other countries. In this paper, we analyze teachers’ guide of Korea and everyday mathematics which is one of the teachers’ guides in the many countries in the United States of America. Especially, teaching method, differentiated contents of the curriculum, characteristics of the curriculum and so on. On the basis of this analysis, we search for improvement points of teaching of primary mathematics and also we make all the primary school teachers realize the diversity of teaching methods through foreign cases and consequently they will make use of these results as a reference material such as reconstruction of textbooks.
Classification: U30 D30
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