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Technology in mathematics education. (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 234, 6-8 (2013).
Summary: The author anticipates the next issue of this journal with a perspective on a future that seems far from joined-up. Technology can enhance the learning and understanding of mathematics by giving the teacher access to media that cannot be replicated in other ways. The power of the visual and digital media, be it through animation, audio/visual, simulation, or interactivity to engage the contemporary learner is clear when the impact of the smartphone, the smart TV, video capture, and tablet computers on children from an early age is manifest. But, in many classrooms the obvious disconnect between the media-rich world, and the world of learning is startling. The oft cited reason for this is ‘funding’, but as with many things in education ‘it is a bit more complicated than that’. There is an informed debate that needs to be engaged with, because this ‘disconnect’ is real, not virtual, and it has the potential to impoverish learning for many children?
Classification: U10 D30
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